“Here Am I Listening” Film is Here

line drawing of rock climberHere is the short art film of the poem expressed in spontaneous drawings featured in September.

I wrote the poem in September, 2011, during the process of major personal losses, moving to a less desirable environment and facing the mystery of the future.
This August we were experiencing surprising, positive developments in life and I picked the poem back up to draw it in quick pencil markings.
About the journey of life and the things that have inspired me to keep walking, the poem contemplates the unknown ahead which seems full of impossibilities. It affirms faith
that the way ahead will be opened, especially viewed on the other side of the original circumstances.
This film is the first one I have made almost entirely of spontaneous pencil drawings. The music score is also a special creation developing ideas from Igor Stravinsky’s
“L’Histoire du Soldat” and Johann Sebastian Bach’s “St. John Passion.” I incorporate environmental sounds to help dramatize the poem and provide meaningful continuity.

This is the fifth short art film which I have made for our collection. (See the others HERE.)

Please enjoy the film below.  I do hope other videos will not auto-play after ours concludes.  I apologize if that happens, or if objectionable visuals appear after it.

11 Responses

    • markart

      Thank you, Kathleen – It means alot to me that you see this and appreciate what it is. God bless!

    • markart

      Dear Marian – So good to hear from you and thank you for affirming the film. Yes, I intended for it to require more than one viewing to appreciate it all. Thanks for sensing that. May it be a blessing to you in repeated viewings.

  1. Melanie

    Wow do thought provoking and reflects personal revelation, struggle and truth. Well done. Love and strength to you both. Mel x Spain

    • markart

      Thank you, Melanie – So glad you watched the film and that you discern some deeper things there. (Much different than the “Love” film, eh?)

  2. Tricia

    Intriguing techniques, Mark, that kept me engaged to see/hear “what would be revealed.” Thanks!

    • markart

      Thanks for engaging, Trish. Still growing and learning, I am thankful for your receptive eyes and ears.

  3. Barry Turner

    Remembering that period in your living circumstances gave strong empathy for the words of the poem. Good spiritual practice to be able to put it in both words and images which makes it possible to go back and see what ways opened up after the struggle to see forward.

    • markart

      Yes, Barry – the poem does portray a point at which I am stopped and waiting, the way ahead blocked, but it has to be in hind sight because we are reading it. That implies I somehow went on from there. So, the whole thing is a statement of faith and can be applied to every moment in this trek. I hope it will encourage those who do not know if they can go on.