Our short art films are a hybrid of four components

Text – The imagery, pacing and dramatic impact is drawn from poetic text.

Visual Arts – Our current films employ still images which are animated by motion graphics. We hope to use film clips and scenes as well as three-dimensional art in coming films. We do have a preference for visual arts which can be experienced in person, such as in a gallery.

Soundscape – We create a complex combination of spoken word, music and sound effects as an audio bed for the visual experience.


Conversation – We would like our art to stimulate conversation between viewers. This can happen online, but our dream is to show the films in a setting where people can interact face to face with each other and with the tangible art used in the films — a sort of cafe. This is why we talk about a “Film Gallery Cafe.”

This concept is still in experimentation, but, ultimately we see the potential for a community of viewers, artists, and filmmakers to develop around this idea. The potential benefits for each of us and for the world at large are great.

The First Films

“World of Particles” images and chants from parts to the whole

This is just a sketch about what has been happening since the Big Bang until now. Just a sketch full of rough edges from my thinking that God is making more than we realize, but that we have over the last few millennia begun to observe the process. MORE

“Break Our Chains

close up detail from "Break Our Chains" short film by MarkRTurner

Contemplating America’s circumstances in July 2020, I drew a cartoon and composed music to help review our common bondage and find liberation. MORE

“Formation Observed”

This animation was started 50 years ago. Wanting to practice on my new graphics tablet and explore Photoshop’s animation features, I used a photo of a six foot painting I did in my youth as a template to draw progressively, frame by frame, a new version of the painting. As I drew them again I could not help but contemplate the days when I first painted this collage of faces. . . . MORE

On Creation”

cumulus clouds in late afternoon light

This is an animated memo of thoughts from Mark R. Turner’s journal resulting from contemplation about our origins, the dynamic growth of the material universe, why there is something rather than nothing, the great amount that humanity has learned which increases the mysteries of our existence, . . . MORE 

Here Am I Listening”

line drawing of contemplative man with title "Here am I listening"

The camera explores spontaneous pencil drawings with the words of a poem accompanied by music composition for chamber ensemble. Mark Turner wrote the poem in September, 2011, during the process of major personal losses, moving to a less desirable environment and facing the mystery of the future. In August, 2017, experiencing surprising, positive developments in life he picked the poem back up to draw it in quick pencil markings. About the journey of life and the things that have inspired . . . MORE

“We Deep Under Ocean”

a detail from Mark R. Turner's painting which is the feature of the film "We Deep Under"

Around September, 2015, a simple poem emerged from Mark Turner’s early morning meditations. Over the next four months he built a mixed media work embedding the poem . . . MORE

“A Prayer for Beauty”


Mark Turner wrote the poem “Beautify, Oh” as a prayer from his own devotional life. The film is an expansion on the poem visualized by . . . MORE

“To the Diggers”

DVD Cover for "To the Diggers" a film by Mark Turner

With each viewing this visual and audio feast reveals new meaning from the poetry, the drawings, the soundscape, the question: will the images and sound bites of today be found by diggers in the future?
. . . Temporarily off display

Comforting Hovers”

DVD Cover for "Comforting Hovers" a film by Mark Turner

This is a painting with soundscape by Mark Turner. As the camera moves over Mark’s oil painting, spoken poetic phrases lead through impressions of an ancient story. Ambient sounds of the scenes mix with contemplative music as . . . MORE