“We Deep Under Ocean,” 16″x48″, mixed media, Mark R. Turner, 2015

Around September, 2015, a simple poem emerged from Mark Turner’s early morning meditations. Over the next four months he built a mixed media work embedding the poem in an area 16″ x 48″, creating a collage of pencil drawing, charcoal markings, photos of found objects from his shelves, as well as painting digitally onto the composition.

One can look at the work online and scroll up or down to study it. As a tangible work hanging on the wall it provides a sort of icon for meditation.

Mark produced this film as a new way to experience the meaning, adding his musical composition, a variation on a theme in “La Mer” by Debussy. This is the first in his Short Art Film series in which he does not mix spoken word. The poem, visual art and film provide three different experiences of the meaning. When two or more have these experiences together they introduce the fourth kind of experience, conversation.

Scroll down the image to see the film version.