We create opportunities
for conversations
which lead to creations
around which
more conversations happen,

inspiring new creations.


You and Your Community

As a member of God’s creation you are an expression of God with the ability to choose active participation in
Creation.  People will gather around your creations, see and talk about what God is expressing there.  If you intentionally draw people together around special creations, some of them will be inspired to make new creations to talk about. This causes community to progress toward all that we pray it could be.

Whether in “the arts” or other kinds of creation, people will gather around individual works, a gallery of many works, multi-media experiences such as films, theatrical experiences such as plays and dance, sculptures, books, meals, gardens, whatever your inspiration finds to create.

Your Small Group

You experience community as a small group studying and producing together, building to the point of presenting a finished work to the larger community. You present, or exhibit, to inspire your audiences’ pursuit of their own creations which will build to their own presentations, inspiring still others.  You can be a member of goodness going viral!

We help you create such opportunities.

This can be an unending and abundant outpouring of expressions witnessing to God’s life-giving transformation of the world.  Receive inspiration and inspire others to rise up as the creators we are made to be.

Varieties of Art Conversations
which we help you offer your community

“Group Aloud”

Hearing one another’s voices reading characters in a story helps your group live through the lessons and challenges of the story together. This causes the group to grow in the real community in which they live beyond the story, indeed, to create their own stories in the world they are given today. Stories voiced in script form are used as centerpieces for interpersonal interaction and discussion. MORE

“Film Gallery Cafe”

Our Short Art Films spark significant conversations in your community, inspiring some to join our weekly progression to produce their own film. MORE

“Word Show”

We lead participants in theater skills including script analysis, character development and improvisation to open literature in illuminating experiences. The experience causes them to grow to the point of presenting the literature to their larger community, sparking significant conversations and inspiring more plays. MORE

“But Now I See”

a Workshop and Exhibition in Contemplative Photography for anyone with any kind of camera.  MORE

“Your Table of Creation”

Exploring the creative process of your idea.  Three possible configurations of this experience: a weekly series, one day workshop, or a weekend retreat. Using Mark Turner’s book of the same title Mark leads the participants in contemplating their own creations through the three stages: Inspiration, Execution and Exhibition. The spiritual basis for the creation process is woven throughout. MORE