White Bloom on Black photo by Mark Turner
                                                                               photo by Mark Turner

a workshop and exhibition in contemplative photography for anyone with any kind of camera

The Progression
  1. A workshop guides participants to increase their sensitivity to sights indicating God’s presence in their world. Through exploration of metaphor, sight vs.
    blindness in scripture, principles of composition and prayerfully looking (“visio divina”), participants use any kind of digital or phone camera to frame sights which express God to them. Both inside and outside practice is included in the experience. Instruction is given in preparing photos for exhibition. (Typical time frame: Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm)
  2. By scheduling a photo exhibit a few weeks later, everyone is encouraged to share their discoveries with the larger community as a natural outcome of their
    experience. The exhibit is open to other photographers who have works within the theme and each photo is hung with short statements of the photographer’s
    perception of God in the image. In a house of faith setting the exhibit is a public witness of faith and can be coordinated with the liturgical season desired.
  3. A similar cycle could be used for contemplative drawing, or other selected forms of art making.

Our role in this progression is to stimulate your community to rise as the kinds of creators they are meant to be. As spiritual leaders, artists and photographers, Mark and Donna kindly guide, teach, and encourage participants to grow spiritually and as creators through the complete experience. They will curate the exhibition unless other arrangements are made. Participants should use digital, or phone cameras rather than film cameras in order to share their photos during the workshop. The workshop requires a video projector, screen, and possibly a media ready computer.

To learn more and discuss how to adapt “But Now I See” to your community, please e-mail MarkandDonna at horizongate.org