Exploring the creative process of your idea.  Three possible configurations of this experience: a weekly series, one day workshop, or a weekend retreat. Using Mark Turner’s book Your Table of Creation the participants contemplate their own creations through the three stages: Inspiration, Execution and Exhibition. When we lead the event, the spiritual basis for the creation process is woven throughout. You could contract Mark to lead the event, or study the book and lead your own group through it with discussion.

We are now building a series of video playlists as a version of this Art Conversation Event. Access it HERE.

The weekly series facilitates each participant to develop their own creation as they practice the aspects of each stage, so that their idea can advance along with the classes.
The one-day workshop, or weekend retreat, would be more compact. Participants would bring an idea or creation in progress and take away deeper understanding of what they can do as they develop their creations from then on.

Three Ways to Focus

This workshop/series could be focused in various ways, with Mark stimulating the participants’ own knowledge of their fields and grounding them in the thorough experience of the creative process. Three optional focuses are:

  1. All types of creation are invited including those which are not traditionally in “the arts.” The point is to affirm that all humans are made to be creators and the ways we find to be so are countless.
  2. All traditional arts and crafts are invited.
  3. All within a specific art form or field are invited, such as performing arts, writers, culinary arts, business building, etc.
The Book

The workbook version of the book is spiral bound, 8.5” x 11” pages, with outlines of typography and illustrations on one side and blank on the other side.  Participants are encouraged to decorate the printed side and make original notes and drawings on the other as a way of bringing their ideas into the tangible world. They are invited to share their pages as a way of discussing the concepts and receiving support for their own ideas. By the end of the course they have a
personal art journal to remind them of the experience. There is also a text-only ebook version available for those who want to concentrate that way, but all are encouraged to try using handwork as a way of stimulating new thinking and connecting their cognitive with their behavioral aspects.

Get the printed workbook HERE.Your Table of Creation workbook page 22 by Mark Turner

Get the ebook HERE.

Conversation in the Class

Mark introduces the importance and benefits of giving complete development and energy to each of the three stages of creating.  The Table is explained as a help in prompting the kind of analysis and contemplation needed for the activities in each stage.  Participants are encouraged to apply the concepts to their own ideas and creations in progress as Mark discusses the characteristics, pitfalls and challenges in each stage of creation.  Participants discuss their own experiences and ask questions based on the creative endeavors in which they are currently engaged.  Mark encourages the group to experience the community of creators as they support one another in struggles and celebrate victories.

Conversation In the Larger Community

Participants are given the opportunity, if they so desire, to show their journals in a public exhibition. This feature could be useful if a participant would like to connect with others interested in the idea they have been developing. Protecting ideas would be a security issue here, i.e.: no photography.

A Facebook Group page is available for participants and other users to interact in an on-going way.

Our role in this progression is to stimulate your community to rise as the kinds of creators they are meant to be. As spiritual leaders, artists and arts leaders, Mark and Donna kindly guide, teach, and encourage participants to grow both spiritually and as creators through the complete experience. They will curate the journal exhibition if the group chooses to have one unless other arrangements are made. The workshop requires a video projector and screen, and possibly a media ready computer.

To learn more and discuss how to adapt “Your Table of Creation” to your community, please e-mail MarkandDonna at horizongate.org