Tiny Lights Make Commotion

“Carni Abstract Number 4″ by Mark R. Turner, digital painting, 21.25″x25”.
The dizzying lights and action transport us to the carnival playground of color in motion. Every tiny, bright light and abstract shape contributes to the fun commotion of the whole. The composition is a result of experiencing the carnival back in 2009 and re-capturing this moment 15 years later. Read how I created this HERE. See it framed on the wall, on apparel, accessories, cases, bags and home decor at the shops linked to our visual arts page.

We are the pulse
The vibration of energy
The radiation
And the bubbling

In minute details
The minor twitch
And passing word
Insignificant to us

But not to God dancing
The creation 
In every particle
Moving the growth;

Dance in the moment
Our dwelling eternal;
Pulse as the place
Where the will that we pray

Births the person we hope
Will emerge and bear fruit
Of the heart on the lip
And the purposeful spin

			Mark R. Turner
			May-June 2023

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