Get Out to Remember

“Meditation 6-9-24”, digital painting started on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and finished on the desktop with Photoshop and Wacom graphics tablet/stylus. Prints available at Fine Art America, and Redbubble.

I must have been wishing at the beginning of last month for the vacation coming in the middle of this month. When I made the image above, memories of water rushing over rocks and logs emerged in my contemplative painting.

Donna and I are putting our collection of camping gear to use again though now it is physically a little harder than when we could sleep on a rock in our youth. I remember when it was fun to improvise with pine needles for a mattress! Look at our list of things to load into the car now!

It is worth the extra effort of getting away to drink in that mystical medicine that our souls need in the colors, textures, scents, and quiet symphonies of Nature. How easily we grow distant and forget where we came from when immersed in the dominance of the city. Out there I remember the Greater Body I am a member of, connected over the globe and light years through outer space.

When I gaze at leaves dancing in the breeze, animals busy with their lives and the countless points of light in the dark sky, I sense love moving out from me to them. But, increasingly before feeling this, the words, “I love you,” catch me by surprise, spoken by Creation to my inner consciousness. There is a mutuality, a kinship experience we need to nurture and receive nurture from, for this is God communing with us.

From this communion comes all inspiration, wisdom and understanding to do the part we are meant to play in the on-going creation.

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