Mark Turners impressionistic painting of two people bowed together, oil on canvas
This is the oil painting (35″ x 35″) by Mark R. Turner, Brussels, Belgium, 1979, which inspired the poem and film in Julian, California, 2007.

This is an oil painting with soundscape by Mark R. Turner. The painting was done in Brussels, Belgium, in 1979 and inspired Mark to write a poem 28 years later in the mountain community of Julian, California.
As the camera moves over the painting, spoken poetic phrases lead through impressions of an ancient story. Ambient sounds of the scenes mix with contemplative music as you move like a spirit through events which shape eternity. The film is completed when viewers talk about it, for in those conversations it mixes infinitely into real lives.
The poem and painting are part of Mark’s collection of art and poetry Verse & Visions: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. In PRINT and EBOOK.