Computer Crash – Life Expands


The other day I had a real scare. The primary tool I work with everyday to serve clients, write , and make art — my computer crashed. This was not only a sudden threat to my livelihood, but to my life’s mission of helping others through art to rise up to their highest potential.

Signs of my computer dying reminded me I could not do this mission alone. I needed to reach out for help — if I could get my old computer running again. Well, I have gotten it back for now and I’m setting aside the project I wish I could keep working on to reach out for help.

Making a Graphical Book

If you’ve seen my last two posts, you know I am half way through creating a graphical book about the creating process entitled Your Table of Creation. When I finally publish it you’ll be able to not only read inspiring thoughts which help you get in touch with your power to create, but you’ll color and decorate it as your own, personal journal while thinking about your own creations in business, the arts, or other endeavors.

More than a Book

It is not just a book, but a seed for coming projects which call people to encourage each other and collaborate. There is material in the book enough to make many films, hold workshops and personal development events, to build a “community of creators.”

How a New Computer Connects with the Heavenly Vision


My computer crashing is serving to spark that “community of creators” by accepting others’ help to get the tools needed for this mission. Together, through this need, we will get Your Table of Creation published. That book/journal will serve as a vehicle for more creative encounters which will encourage others to get up and create that symphony, cafe, film, small business, mission. Life is expanding because of this progression.

[Since this momentous post was written, the workbook Your Table of Creation was published in 2017 and is available at]