Still Learning to Participate

decorated flow chart for the progression from spiritual contemplation to transformation of the world
Expanded version from a June, 2016 post. Get a print for your wall, journal, or desk at Mark’s Redbubble gallery.

This image is an expansion of the flow chart from the post “Art and Poetry are Evolutionary,” about the onward flow of creation (June, 2016). It was a very simple, linear view of how the spiritual awakening of an individual creator can unite with others’ awakenings, resulting in community-awakening, which can build to the larger transformation of the world.

I see this as a part of the expanding universe. Creation has been going on since the Big Bang, more and more specifically through the eons until the most specific member of creation, humanity, began deciding whether or not they wanted to cooperate with it. Every person has the nature to grow, transform and be transformational.

This is what is happening when we experience moments called “inspiration.”

Psychology, philosophy and theology have very complex descriptions of inspiration, but words cannot define it because it is an experience. Encompassing the whole complexity of a person, it is when feelings and concepts within our inner selves coincide and, over moments or years, collect into an idea that seems more and more like a possible entity which we could birth into the material world. We are adding to the reality we call the universe.

I see this as “the call” that made the Big Bang and has been going on ever since. That “call” continues to say, “Go forth. Be Fruitful and multiply.”

Creation is happening, and I have the urge to participate in it, not just to be an inanimate particle of it. After eons of dealing with this “call,” we are still learning how to be intentional participants.

Community: the hard part

The aspect that keeps complicating my participation in creation is that “community” part. Everyone has the nature to create but not everyone wants to contribute to what artists call “the unified whole.”

I don’t know how wide spread this is, but it seems like many people want creation to be their private endeavor and for everyone else to keep their creations to themselves.

Individual creators seem to constantly compete for space, resources and attention, even to the point of destroying one another. Incredibly, some creators become parts of a sort of “anti-creation” movement toward one another. Their system says, “Whoever wins gets to design the universe the way they want it.

Invitation to Turn a Corner

I submit that choosing to participate in creation is a choice to be a valuable contributor to the vast tapestry. I submit that we change from “survival of the fittest” to “flourishing of the whole;” a conscious departure from the old nature to another way forward that is a radical contribution to the universe:

  • Instead of viewing the world as a limited resource to compete for, we contemplate the universe as abundant for all.
  • Instead of focusing exclusively on controlling the material, we seek the non-material inspiration which each of us can experience to make the material serve all.
  • The material becomes the expression of the spiritual which has been calling us out since the Big Bang.

2 Responses

  1. Tricia Elisara

    What hit me immediately is that the imagination flow straight up out of spiritual work/contemplation—such a good reminder that tending the interior life with God grows our creativity. I’ll keep this insight in my pocket today.

    • markart

      It is so good for friends to give and receive one another’s offerings. Thanks for pausing to consider this. Blessings on your inner work as it blossoms out in your day.