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“Related Separated” Mark R. Turner, 12.5”x16” (3752×4800 pixels) 300 pixels/inch, prints HERE.

I created an abstract painting entitled “Diversity Joined” and saw it as good. (See it HERE.) Then I divided it apart like puzzle pieces as I thought about how we are so immersed in studying and using the whole Creation, how we dissect and separate everything as a method of comprehending or encompassing it.

We have found that this technique also helps us control and manipulate things and one another, as in the old saying “divide and conquer.” Separating has given such success to some that most do not take time to remember that

nothing is actually disconnected.

Quantum physics demonstrates that every particle is part of our Body which we call the universe. How we treat each particle affects the Whole.

As you view this work of art, you can contemplate the complexity of reality, how we each are different, and how we are still part of each other — we, the Whole Creation. May it remind us to walk our lives more carefully, mindfully, respectfully, and thankfully — to Love each particle as Ourselves.

Compare this work with its companion piece “Diversity Joined” side-by-side HERE.