Building the Community of Believers 3 Ways

Horizon Gate Productions

Our vision is to build the community of believing artists throughExhbt05-PrdctnGthrgUpdate3-14Small
working together on art & films.
We demonstrate this by collaboration, nurturing creative relationships, mentoring new artists, helping each other grow spiritually and producing profound works of art together.


Our vision is to build the community of believers in the world.

Exhbt06-filmGalleryCafe Update3-14SmallWe exhibit the films and art used to make them in a combination fine art gallery and cafe. There the art and films stimulate significant conversations which draw people to God. It is a mobile exhibit of a beginning collection with the dream of a permanent home for many artist/filmmakers’ creations.


Our vision is to build the freedom and resources of our artists and arts supporters to fund our shared mission.

We assist one another to learn and practice better entrepreneurial skills which promote our art and livelihoods with the goal of ample resources for our shared mission.


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