Preparing for the Season

It is standard practice for merchants to start preparing for the Christmas season in July or August so that by October the necessary assets are in place to spring them on the public the day after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) late November. This causes the appearance of surprise decorations around town reminding the masses to fund the system. But, for me, the preparation for the holy days (aka: Holidays) revives my sensitivity to the sacred. So, I have produced a new short art film to stimulate our sense of the sacred in advance and perhaps insulate us a bit from those using our sentiment to close out their year with a financial bump.

The film grows out of my book which has the same intent through poems and illustrations exploring the life-giving revelations of the season. I hope you might get your copy with the decision to walk through the holy days differently, seeking renewal this year. Verse & Visions from Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany is now available in large format paperback, hard cover, and ebook. Find the description in the poetry section of our book page.

I walked through this film project re-experiencing the stages I teach in the book and video series Your Table of Creation.


In contemplation I allowed the meanings of my poetry and artwork created in the past to touch my heart again. Each poem and image brought inspiration back to me from years ago. Gradually the poem “Going Into Bethlehem” and seven images excited me by the way I could imagine them working together, and they became the assets which the film combines in this new inspiration.


In my last blog post I discuss the phenomenon of the inspiration taking on materiality, the spiritual incarnating the physical. In this project the inspiration flowed into my choices of all the equipment, software, techniques, and tasks to create the film. Through the years of accumulating background, writings, artwork, and practicing technique, my faith has persevered with the hope of seeing God’s will take form in this world. That faith perseverance also sustained the process of creating this new film. For those who are interested, see a list of all the equipment, software, assets and considerations HERE.


You would think with all that has gone into the creation of this film that the next step is a grand premiere with the red carpet, spotlights, exquisite formal dress, clamoring crowds, etc. But this is not a spectacle calculated to amass money and make worldwide news. This is more like the parable of the seeds and soils in which the Sower casts the seeds knowing that they will land beyond expected places. My faith prompts me to post the film through the few avenues I have, trusting that the offering will connect and help someone. This reminds me of the mystery of why a tiny flower would blossom in a distant wild where people are unlikely to venture: it is part of a reality larger than our perspective. Yes, the film is completed by viewers receiving it, and I know that it will touch some people, but ultimately, I trust that my efforts to bloom are good and precious whether anyone views it or not. I cannot see the Whole of which the film is a part. When we let our lights shine, we cannot dictate where the highlights and shadows fall. This is a collaboration with God.

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