From Space Dust to Cities

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Twenty poems and six essays are paired with thirty-two works of art and photography in this contemplative volume. The poems and essays are drawn from the past decade of my 53 year career as a playwright, visual artist, filmmaker and teacher.

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This, my fifth volume of poetry, imparts new insights into the significance of our role as a conscious member of the earth, where we came from and where we are going.
The essays are statements selected from this blog on the meaning, making and power of art, as well as commentary on our life together from a spiritual perspective.
Just contemplating the images on the facing pages of each poem or essay speaks to the soul through nature photography, visionary paintings, surrealistic collages and dreamlike drawings.
My writing and art includes energetic responses to conditions in society, but always with a view to our context in history and aspirations. I exercise hope for the growth of creation toward an ultimate Goodness beyond today’s circumstances. Notes on dates, places and origins of my inspirations accompany each item in this collection from my inner thoughts.

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