line drawing of contemplative man with title "Here am I listening"The camera explores spontaneous pencil drawings with the words of a poem accompanied by music composition for chamber ensemble. Mark Turner wrote the poem in September, 2011, during the process of major personal losses, moving to a less desirable environment and facing the mystery of the future. In August, 2017, experiencing surprising, positive developments in life he picked the poem back up to draw it in quick pencil markings. About the journey of life and the things that have inspired him to keep walking, the poem contemplates the unknown ahead which seems full of impossibilities. It affirms faith that the way ahead will be opened, especially viewed on the other side of the original circumstances.
This is the fifth short art film which Mark has made for our collection. (See the others HERE.) It is the first one to be made almost entirely of spontaneous pencil drawings. The music score is his development of ideas from Igor Stravinsky’s “L’Histoire du Soldat” and Johann Sebastian Bach’s “St. John Passion.” He incorporates environmental sounds to help dramatize the poem and provide meaningful continuity.

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