The making of “Good Friday Contemplative”
a short art film by Mark R. Turner with Donna L. Turner

Creation Time: February 16 – March 20, 2024
For more discussion of Jesus’ Passion and ours see the blog The Person from Beyond.

  • PreSonus Notion 6 – music notation
  • PreSonus Studio One 6 – music mixing
  • Adobe Photoshop image preparation
  • Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and stylus
  • Adobe Premier Pro – film, motion graphics, and sound editing/mixing
  • Adobe Audition – sound effects preparation
Music References
  • Stravinsky “Rite of Spring”
  • JSBach “Passion of St. John”
  • Bartok “Concerto for Orchestra”
  • Gregorian Chants
  • Use of some passages of our past scores from over the last 20 years
Sound Effects
  • Angry mob
  • Gavel
  • Urban traffic
  • Crumbling, falling junk
  • Explosions, gunfire, warfare
  • Lightning
  • Thunder
  • Winds
  • Volcano
Visual Conventions
  • Use of some drawings and photos from past productions
    • “Simon’s Rise” 1991
    • “Street Passion Play” 1993
  • Black & White to give a distance and perspective
  • Neutral relief of purple crosses
  • Hand drawing on the photos
  • Mixing photographs with drawings
  • Close Up and abstract details revealed as parts of larger scenes
  • Views of the on-going passion  of humanity in current day
    • Social inequities
    • Ecological abuses
    • Consumerism and throw-away culture
    • War and violence
    • Climate change and natural disasters
Viewpoint of Jesus’ Passion
  • Not overemphasizing the substitutionary redemption
  • Jesus was in solidarity with Creation’s “Universal Passion”
    • Jesus demonstrated the victimization of humanity and his trust that God’s Will brings forth life from the impossible stronghold of Death.
    • Jesus revealed that God goes with us through the Passion.
    • The Passion continues in the world, and we are all involved here and now.
    • We want to put it all on Jesus, but we are connected: What will we do with our Gethsemane, our victimization, our crucifixion, our hope of life beyond the impossible finality?