Film of Painter Phil Petrie

Phil Petrie explaining his painting "Mausoleum"
Oil painter Phil Petrie discusses his painting “Mausoleum” in the Swift Gallery for our film “All Over the Map: Phil Petrie and His Paintings”.

Our community of artists is rich with thinkers and talent. In 2013 we released a two-part documentary of Philip Petrie, an oil painter in our community whose paintings were then showing at the Martha Pace Swift Gallery in San Diego (NTC). The films are embedded below.

Phil is one painter who exemplifies integration of the spiritual, philosophical, technical and discipline needed to acquire his own voice in a growing body of works.

The film uses clips from his technique demonstration, gallery interviews discussing his work and lingering close-ups of the paintings. Seeing the works with him talking about them is very enlightening about art, as well as his particular life as an artist.

He gives insights into the genres of abstract expressionism and surrealism with references to other artists who have influenced his own development.

We are very thankful to Phil for his willingness, to the curator of the Swift Gallery, Wes Chester, who conducted the interviews, and the director of the Expressive Arts Institute, Judith Greer Essex, for facilitating the production of the film.

The gallery is one of 19 galleries at the converted Naval Training Center, now called Liberty Station, at 2820 Roosevelt Rd., San Diego, CA 92106.

Watch for Phil’s work in galleries around the region. You would be wise to purchase one or more for your own collection.