This is not giving a license to make an audio-visual presentation of any of our scripts as a product in and of itself. This is to help you document your private group experience for the benefit of those who participated and their immediate families.

Please understand the terms of this license:

  1. You may record your private group reading up to and including four (4) individual scripts for the fee of $50.00 US, payment in advance.
  2. You may make this recording available (via DVD, CD, download, file share, etc.) to the immediate family and friends of those who appear in the audio/video recording a minimum of ten (10) copies for $10.00 US, payment in advance (In other words you must pay for the minimum of the first 10 copies in advance). Over ten (10) copies is to be paid at a rate of $1.00 US per copy by either estimating and paying in advance and/or returning to this payment site within one (1) month of previous payments to pay for overages.
  3. Posting the recording online on any platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, etc.) constitutes as many copies as views indicated on the platform and is subject to the rate of $1.00 US per copy payable by returning to this payment site. (i.e.: 10 views of the recording on Facebook @ $1.00 US = $10.00 US). Tip: To control this expense make the posted recording private with access by password.
  4. The original master recording may not be sold.
  5. The number of copies made of the recording may not exceed 300 without written permission from the copyright owner.
  6. The receipt for your payment is your proof of license and your agreement to abide by the terms of this license. We will send you an e-mail to confirm.
  7. No other licenses are given or implied by this license. See other licenses offered on this site by clicking HERE.

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