This license is for those who want to sell tickets to or receive donations for a performance of our scripts.  It does not make any difference if the ticket sales or donations are going to a charitable cause or to pay for the production with hopes of making a profit, payment is still required.  It makes sense if you remember that the writer of the scripts is collaborating with you and needs to make a living too. Touring groups should contact us for special arrangements.

Please understand the terms of this license:

  1. You may perform the scripts you select below for a paying or donating audience at a rate of $15.00 US per performance per script, payment in advance. (i.e.: “Finding Peter” performed 2 times @$15.00 US = $30.00 US; “Campaign Supper” performed 2 times @$15.00 US plus “Where’s My Sting?” performed 3 times @$15.00 US = $75.00 US)
  2. Author credit must be given on accompanying printed matter such as church bulletins, and printed programs, and all publicity in this way, “__[name of play]__ written by Mark R. Turner,” or “Plays by Mark R. Turner.”
  3. Recording of the performances is prohibited without separate license and the warning must appear on printed programs in this way, “Any kind of recording of performances is prohibited without written permission from the copyright owners.”
  4. The receipt for your payment is your proof of license and your agreement to abide by the terms of this license. We will send you an e-mail to confirm.
  5. No other licenses are given or implied by this license. See other licenses offered on this site by clicking HERE.

Note: The following PayPal buttons are completely secure even though your browser may indicate this page is not.

Click the secure “Buy Now” PayPal button over the script for which you desire a license for live, paid performance. A form will open in which to indicate the number of times you will perform the script for a paying audience. When unexpected performances are given for paying audiences simply return to this page and make payments using the appropriate buttons.

“Born Blind”

“Campaign Supper”

“Finding Peter”

“Where’s My Sting?”

“You After All”

“Café Water”

“A Good Man Once a Monster”

“City Seed”

“The Morning Announcement”

“The Prodigal Son”


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